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Royal Blue – Summer Evening

1,200 EGP 1,080 EGP

Yellow Dantele Beach Dress

700 EGP 630 EGP

Fuschia Fringes Dress

950 EGP 850 EGP

Black – Blue Jumpsuit

900 EGP 800 EGP


With a vision of perfection and beauty, comes Yasmin Madah to the world of fashion. Delivering a message of unity and respect, which became inevitable in a world running around with different cultures, attitudes and beliefs. She has a solid understanding that each lady deserves elegance and beauty in her own style and comfort, rather than conform to society’s demands, which hindered a lot of ladies for years. Starting with herself, Yasmin Madah always turned away from traditional styles, instead getting inspired by nature and everything going around in this world, to come up with her own unique style. Her creativity, inspirations and passion has driven her to leave behind 10 career-driven years in the Corporate World, and shift her mind and soul towards fulfilling her fashion design dream that has been lingering at the back of her head for years. All this provoked her to enhance her talent with solid studies, and come up with designs any lady would dream of, in perfect silhouettes and a unique color mix that makes each woman feel her own beauty and elegance; inside and out. When passion and style fuse together, the result is a stunning out of this world image. Yasmin Madah is all of this and more.